Monday, January 13, 2014


In this photo of a peacock I took the picture with the river in the background to create a contrast of sides. In the foreground you can see the peacocks striding around but in the background cut into by the river there are the ducks walking and swimming about
In this photo the main focus is the cows. They are a little off put to the left of the frame which creates a man vs animal contrast with the man made road and a boy on the right of the frame
In this photo my family is the focus. We range from slightly left through slightly right of the photo, taking up most of the frame. The positioning of my family in the frame makes us look bigger than the mountains behind us, creating a unique perspective
In this photo there isn't a main item being focused in on. The slight reflection of the window on the right side of the frame makes the photo very interesting. The perspective of the photo makes the image reflected look as big as the mountains and telephone pole set in the left side of the frame
This photo has a slight focus on my brothers and me but the enormity of the lake in the background makes us less of a focus in the slight right side of the frame. The clouds rolling over the mountains in the background creates a cool perspective of size

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  1. Some cool shots here, Hugh. Can you discuss them in terms of shot types and with reference to the "grid", i.e. the rule of thirds?

    Why no final Road entries?