Monday, February 10, 2014

Goodbye Columbus chapter 1

"I had my nose fixed" (13)
"My brothers having his fixed in the fall" (13)
"Is he having his fixed?" (13)
Brenda makes it seem that in her family, if something is wrong, then it just gets fixed. Neil starts to annoy Brenda with "smart-ass" questions about hey family and fixing things, because he feels like Brenda is kinda bragging about money not being an issue for her family.

"hinting all the while at 'Boston' and 'New Haven'" (11)
"Whenever anyone asks me where I went to school I come right out with it: Newark Colleges of Rutgers University" (11)
Neil views Brenda as one of those people who shy away from saying exactly where they go to school, so Neil has to push and push to find out where she goes. He dislikes her slightly for that because he is the exact opposite, whenever he is asked he tells people the exact school he goes to.

diving board
salt shaker
golf balls
swim suit
war and peace
mounds bar

class consciousness:
When Brenda hears that Neil and his cousin Doris are dark, she asks Neil if they are Negros before she even knows what they look like. I think that she does this because she is of a higher class and back then people would look at blacks or "dark" skinned people as less than them, usually belonging to a lower class.

Monday, January 13, 2014


In this photo of a peacock I took the picture with the river in the background to create a contrast of sides. In the foreground you can see the peacocks striding around but in the background cut into by the river there are the ducks walking and swimming about
In this photo the main focus is the cows. They are a little off put to the left of the frame which creates a man vs animal contrast with the man made road and a boy on the right of the frame
In this photo my family is the focus. We range from slightly left through slightly right of the photo, taking up most of the frame. The positioning of my family in the frame makes us look bigger than the mountains behind us, creating a unique perspective
In this photo there isn't a main item being focused in on. The slight reflection of the window on the right side of the frame makes the photo very interesting. The perspective of the photo makes the image reflected look as big as the mountains and telephone pole set in the left side of the frame
This photo has a slight focus on my brothers and me but the enormity of the lake in the background makes us less of a focus in the slight right side of the frame. The clouds rolling over the mountains in the background creates a cool perspective of size

Sunday, December 1, 2013


In The Road, Cormac McCarthy uses memory to show how difficult reliving the past is for the main characters, while at the same time how they must leave it behind to survive in this new world. Early in the book the man and the boy return to the house the man lived in during his childhood. initially the boy is scared to enter the house, but is more scared to be left on his own. Cormac uses different language to show the difference of sight with memory than without. The man sees the house "All much as he'd remembered it. The rooms empty... the same cast-iron coal-grate in the small fireplace" (pg 26). However the boy has no memories to relive and sees the house as it is in this new world. He sees "The pine paneling was gone from the walls leaving just the furring strips....small cones of damp plaster standing in the floor" (pg 27). After a tour of the house the child wants to go and the man responds "It's all right. We shouldn't have come" (pg 27). The Father realizes that they trip was more for him than for anything. Its his clinging that puts them off track and he realizes that he has to leave the past where it is to focus on surviving the future. Another example of them leaving the past behind is when the mans wife leaves them to commit suicide. On the morning after she leaves "When they were packed and ready to set out upon the road he turned... and he said: 'she's gone isn't she'? And he said: 'Yes, She is" (pg 58). This suggests that they tried not to dwell on the past and understood that they have to leave the past in the past. Cormac uses memory to shows that it is very difficult to forgot the past, but that you must to survive the challenges ahead of you.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Comparing Double Indemnity Stills to LA Confidential Stills

In still 13 of Double Indemnity Keyes is interrogating Gar Falo about a false claim he made about his truck catching fire and burning down, and in still 37 of LA Confidential Edmund is interrogating an African American who was alleged in the killings at the night owl. One general theme that both of these stills have is the lack of power that minorities have, with Keyes and Edmund having the power. This helps reflect the lack of power and illustrates the lower position they had in society in the 1940's and 1970's.These scenes also illustrate the minorities by giving them stereotypical accents that most people would expect out of them. While Double Indemnity uses a triangle shot with Neff in the background, LA confidential uses a medium point of view shot that shows the view of Dudley and the rest of the cops watching the interrogation from behind the glass. The Double Indemnity still helps show that although Keyes is much shorter than Gar, he has the power by being the interrogator and standing while Gar is sitting. The LA Confidential still shows that the real power is held by Dudley by him towering over Edmund and the rest of the police force behind the glass.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Shot description for still 21

In this shot you can see John Andertons wife tying Lamar Burgess's tie. In the shot you are only allowed to see Lamar's face, with Lara's face out of the frame. The color in this shot is selective, having only half of Lamar face shown by the light. This gives the viewers the idea that there is another side to Lamar: a dark side. Another contrast of color is the clothes they are wearing. While Lara is wearing light colored monotone jacket, Lamar is wearing a black coat witha white undershirt. This gives the veiwers the idea that although lamar is wearing a dark jacket he is also waering a white undershirt to signify again that he has two sides to him. The shot itself is a medium shot due to it showing not only the upper half of Lamar but also the upper body minus the head of Lara. One interesting detail is the old antique furniture in the backround. This is interesting due to the fact it is the complete opposite of some of the other scenes of the movie where the future of D.C. is shown. The angle of the shot is a low angle shot but is level with Lamar due to his sitting down. I believe Spielberg made the shot like this to show that Lamar is the most important character in the shot by cutting out Lara's head.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Oedipus Questions

1. Oedipus is not fully responsible for his fate, but he should have seen something coming that would not end well for him. On page 184 Oedipus is talking to the seer Tiresias about ending the plague and it is revieled that the murderer of Lais, the old king, is the cause of the plague and needs to be killed or exiled. Before he leaves Oedipus he tells the king that the murderer "sowed the loins that his father sowerd, he spilled his fathers blood!" (185) coincidentily that is the same as told to Oedipus's parents when he is brought to the oracle as a baby.

2. Oedipus was a great leader to his people throughout his reign. although he came to the throne by saving the city, he has dealt with many anger issues and mistrust with his close advisors such as creon. Oedipus saved his city not only once but twice, the second coming after he learned that he had killed his father and sowed the loins of his mother. He decided it was best for the city of Thebes that he step down from the throne and leave in exile so that the plague could go away.

3. Oedipus was a great king, but not thye best character. He suffered from a very large amount of hubris, hubris meaning extreme pride or arragonce. Even when dressed as a begger to leave for Thebes he still cannot understand what it means to be a begger. When Lais and his convoy come by and tell Oedipus to move, it is Oedipus's hubris that keeps him from movie and in the end the reason why he killed Lais.

4. While Oedipus is about the fate that people have and cannot escape, minority report tries to be about the opposite. John Anderton is about free will and choice in the end while Oedipus is condemnnd from birth. The most important scene in Minority report, where Anderton confronts Lamar Burgess with the fate of pre-crime in the balance,is about free will and choice. John tells Lamar that he has a choice and doesn't have to follow what was predetermined. Lamar choses to be his own man and change his fate, unlike Oedipus.

5. In society the eyes are called the windows to the soul, and they play an important role in many movies and some books. In minority report the bright blue eyes of Agatha and the precogs are symbolic. They represent the all-knowing ability that so many people are terrefied of the precogs for. The future seems so clear in the eyes of the gifted. John Anderton also has the bright blue eyes of the precogs, but he doesnt have the sight they do. Although he cant see the future the movie does suggest that out of most people, he has sight to make choices normal people dont. Our society portrays eyes as symbols in movies or tv shows to help people understand characters. They have characters have these eyes that giveaway info about their pesonal selves to suggest that they eyes really are just windows to your inside.

6. Society is a very complex design and no one person knows everything about it and where it will go. the fact that the movie is set practicly a century after the book came out is just to disguise the reason that it came out. Speilberg made the movie about civil liberties and the fact that maybe by 2054 events will conspire to take away the rights we all cherish now. This movie helped enlighten many people about the changing world and the beginning of the 21st century. This world may chang for the better or the worse but it is always good to know that people will always advocate for the right that every person should have.