Monday, September 30, 2013

Shot description for still 21

In this shot you can see John Andertons wife tying Lamar Burgess's tie. In the shot you are only allowed to see Lamar's face, with Lara's face out of the frame. The color in this shot is selective, having only half of Lamar face shown by the light. This gives the viewers the idea that there is another side to Lamar: a dark side. Another contrast of color is the clothes they are wearing. While Lara is wearing light colored monotone jacket, Lamar is wearing a black coat witha white undershirt. This gives the veiwers the idea that although lamar is wearing a dark jacket he is also waering a white undershirt to signify again that he has two sides to him. The shot itself is a medium shot due to it showing not only the upper half of Lamar but also the upper body minus the head of Lara. One interesting detail is the old antique furniture in the backround. This is interesting due to the fact it is the complete opposite of some of the other scenes of the movie where the future of D.C. is shown. The angle of the shot is a low angle shot but is level with Lamar due to his sitting down. I believe Spielberg made the shot like this to show that Lamar is the most important character in the shot by cutting out Lara's head.

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  1. Hugh, good job labeling this shot (though I'm not sure I agree about the angle). Plot point and light discussion are right on the money.