Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Comparing Double Indemnity Stills to LA Confidential Stills

In still 13 of Double Indemnity Keyes is interrogating Gar Falo about a false claim he made about his truck catching fire and burning down, and in still 37 of LA Confidential Edmund is interrogating an African American who was alleged in the killings at the night owl. One general theme that both of these stills have is the lack of power that minorities have, with Keyes and Edmund having the power. This helps reflect the lack of power and illustrates the lower position they had in society in the 1940's and 1970's.These scenes also illustrate the minorities by giving them stereotypical accents that most people would expect out of them. While Double Indemnity uses a triangle shot with Neff in the background, LA confidential uses a medium point of view shot that shows the view of Dudley and the rest of the cops watching the interrogation from behind the glass. The Double Indemnity still helps show that although Keyes is much shorter than Gar, he has the power by being the interrogator and standing while Gar is sitting. The LA Confidential still shows that the real power is held by Dudley by him towering over Edmund and the rest of the police force behind the glass.


  1. Interesting pairing. Generally good discussion here though make sure to label the kind of shots: MS and MLS, right? 1970s? LAC is also set in the 1940s. Keyes is interrogating Mr. Garlopez. You could also do a little more with the interior/exteriority of LAC, but overall pretty nice job. WHERE ARE YOUR GRAPHIC NOVEL POSTS?

  2. Hugh, where is all the back work on The Road?